Please call ahead for scheduling dates and times - 650-455-8141
Half Moon Bay or North Shore
Surf Lessons:


Common questions:

1. What does the lesson consist of?
 I give lessons that last either 1 or 2 hours. This time includes meeting at the beach, getting the boards together, a short land lesson, where you learn all the basic rules and guidelines of surfing. You will learn all the basics of becoming an expert wave rider. We will practice the "pop up" method on the board on land before you hit the water. Once we feel comfortable on the surfboard we are ready  for the next step, riding waves. I'll be right with you guiding you through each step of surfing. I strongly believe in giving the one on one attention you need your first couple of times surfing.

 2. Where do the lessons take place?
There are beaches everywhere... we can go wherever the         conditions permit. We have lessons available on the North Shore of Oahu, but if the waves are to small there we venture towards the eastside of the island. We also offer lessons anywhere around Half Moon Bay, CA. Whatever location works best for you, it's all about customizing your experience.

3. How do I make a reservation?
You can call or email me anytime, by schedule is flexible. I can teach lessons any time of the day, morning, noon as well as in the evenings

4. How old do you have to be?
You can be any age to be a surfer but all I ask that you know how to swim. You are never too old either, you would be surprised the people I get to stand up.

5. How many lessons do I need to become an expert wave rider?
There is no magic number, it all depends on you and where you want to go with this hobby. If you want to perfect your performance I suggest at least 3-5 lessons. It can also be just a fun activity to enjoy when you are on vacation and you want to try something new.

6. What do you need to bring to the lesson?
A swimsuit, towel and a positive attitude. I provide the rashguards and surfboards and fun for everyone.

7. How safe is surfing?
The waves we are going to be practicing on are really small and safe. I will actually cancel the lesson if the waves get to big for beginners. I care a great deal about your safety and I would never want to put you in any kind of situation that you are not 100% comfortable with. All my instructors and I are all CPR certified and very experience surfers, swimmers and water people.

** PLEASE NOTE : If you can't make it to the scheduled surfing lesson, you must call and cancel 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time. If we do not receive a call your credit card will be charged $50 per person. 

  Two Hour Surf 
  $110 Private Lesson
  $160 Semi-private,
           2 people
  $75  per person for 
   3 or more people  

     One Hour Surf 
  $60 for a private
  $90 Semi-private,    
         2 people    
  $40 per person for 
    3 or more people

**Rash guard and board
   rental included
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Group Lessons

 Private Lesson:
 Semi-private, 2 people:
  Group lesson $90 per person
   3 or more 
*board rental included


One Person:   $80
Two People:   $100
Group of 3 or more:
ONLY $50 per person

We have both Ocean and River tours 
available. Includes free Turle Tour! 

The tours include a Stand Up Paddle 
Boarding Lesson!

* An experienced that shouldn't be 

*Children 10 and under require a private surf lesson