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About Jetty Betty

 I've been teaching surfing for over fifteen years, this is my passion that I enjoy sharing with the world.  Surfing is mostly mental so if you think you can, you absolutely will. I've developed some pretty powerful techniques to overcome any fears you may have and would love to teach them with you.

I started surfing in Half Moon Bay, CA, this is where the addiction started. Since then I have traveled the world surfing all the best waves in Tahiti, Costa Rica, Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, Fiji, New Zealand and up and down the beautiful California coast and all over all the Hawaiian Islands. I can't imagine my life without this incredible sport.

Surfing in more than just a hobby, it is a passion, love and lifestyle. Imagine the beauty of being on the ocean at sunset with the vibrant colors and a sea that looks like glass - there is nothing more beautiful. An experience not to be missed - what are you waiting for?

I am currently living on the North Shore of Oahu. I am giving lessons anywhere on the Island. In California I have many, extremely experience, friendly instructors that will make your surfing experience the best it can be. 
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Surf Lessons Oahu
Surf lessons North Shore 
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Surfing Lessons North Shore Oahu
Surfing Lessons North Shore 
Surf the North Shore 
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Surf School North Shore 
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Surf Lesson North Shore 
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Surf Lessons North Shore Oahu
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